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Party Out of Bounds
The B-52's, R.E.M. & the Kids Who Rocked Athens, GA

SKU: 710

Date: 2004 (Originally released in 1991)
Author: Rodger Lyle Brown
Publisher: everthemore books
Format: Book (Paperback)
Category: Music

When journalist/author Rodger Brown's book Party Out of Bounds came out in 1991, R.E.M. was the most popular rock band in the world, and music fans were understandably fascinated by the funky college town from which it sprang, Athens, Georgia.

The book sold well, becoming a #1 bestseller at Atlanta's leading independent bookstore. After the initial book of sales, though, the publisher let the book go out of print. But as bands like R.E.M. and the B-52's acquired new fans, Party Out of Bounds acquired a new mystique.

Despite a number of books about the bands themselves that were published later, Party Out of Bounds remains the only authentic recreation of the heady early days of the debauched-yet-innocent Athens music scene written by someone who lived through it all. It was written by someone who was present throughout the entire period. Brown, who has written for such publications as The Village Voice and The New York Times Magazine, lived in Athens from 1977 until 1987.

And it is this "you are there," evocative power of the book that has made it an underground classic. As R.E.M. guitarist Peter Buck said in an early plug for the book, "Party Out of Bounds captures the rhythm and feel of the Athens Music Scene. Rodger knows; he was there through the whole thing."

The B-52's are perennial party favorites, and R.E.M. is generally acclaimed to be among the greatest bands ever, continuing to sell millions of records and selling out concert venues all over the world. And Brown truly captured a unique moment in popular cultural history.

Legions of rock music lovers continue to be intrigued by the particularly fertile outpost of Athens. Demand for Party Out of Bounds has remained steady in the out-of-print book market, with copies of the original selling for more than $50.

Now this essential document of an important musical movement is coming back in print from everthemore books. Founded by Atlanta's rare and out-of-print bookstore A Capella Books, everthemore is devoted to resurrecting titles that due to vagaries in the marketplace have become difficult to find but whose enduring appeal warrants their being readily available.

The new edition features entirely redesigned cover art and interior graphics, capturing more appropriately than the original book the look and feel of those long ago days.

"With a book like Brown's... we can revisit, again and again, a mythic place of lust, youth, music and eyeliner: fragments of our past, shards of our present, reflections of our future." - San Francisco Bay Guardian

"For fans of the bands, rock historians, and followers of the indie scene, this is a 'Party' worth attending." - Billboard Magazine

"Brown captures both the joy of Athens's youthful exuberance and the pain of a generation's loss of innocence to cynicism and AIDS." - Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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Party Out of Bounds<br> The B-52's, R.E.M. & the Kids Who Rocked Athens, GA
Party Out of Bounds
The B-52's, R.E.M. & the Kids Who Rocked Athens, GA - P.O. Box 1186, Athens, GA 30603, US

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