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Keane, John
A Musicians Guide to Pro Tools

SKU: 507

Date: 2002
Author: John Keane
Publisher: Supercat Press
Format: Book (Paperback) + CD-ROM
Category: Music / Computer Instruction

A Musician’s Guide to Pro Tools, a new book by producer / engineer / musician John Keane, is designed to help beginners get off the ground with Digidesign’s Pro Tools, the industry standard for professional digital audio recording. The first third-party Pro Tools book of its kind, it provides tutorial containing very specific step-by-step instructions for recording, editing and mixing a home demo. The book includes a CD-ROM with a Pro Tools session as part of the tutorial. It is also a valuable resource, filled with tips and advice from a seasoned professional. Written in a clear, non-technical, and humorous style, it de-mystifies the recording process, saving the user countless hours of frustration from plowing through reference manuals.

Author John Keane has worked with a variety of artists including R.E.M., Cowboys Junkies, Indigo Girls and Widespread Panic. He began working with Pro Tools soon after its introduction in the early nineties and has accumulated a great deal of experience with the software.

120 pages with CD-ROM.

"It's practical and amusing and as useful for pros as it is for beginners." - Performing Songwriter, June 2002.

"A Musician's Guide to Pro Tools is a handy reference for home studios. It effectively bridges the gap between Digidesign's Quick Start Guide and the all-encompassing Pro Tools Reference Guide. I find myself returning to the book often for quick answers to my questions." - Michael Houser, guitarist for Widespread Panic.

"Keane's step-by-step manual is a wonderful road map that not only teaches how to navigate the seemingly impenetrable thicket of Pro Tools but points out shortcuts, safety hazards, and tucked-away places of interest we would only have stumbled upon much, much later." - Patricia J. Priest, Ph.D.
Independent Producer for Public Radio
Adjunct Faculty
Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication
University of Georgia

"I'd recommend this book to anybody, whether beginner or expert." - Peter Buck, guitarist for R.E.M.

"If I could have purchased this book/CD training course before I started recording with Pro Tools, I could have saved countless hours of brain wrenching and profanity spouting. If you want to spend your valuable time creating music and not cussing your computer, A Musician's Guide to Pro Tools is an absolute must-have." - Rick Fowler, musician and audio engineer

"As with cameras and those of us that like to point and shoot, John Keane's book takes the invisible world of Pro Tools and brings it into focus. Beyond essential." - Kai Riedl, Multi-instrumentalist for Macha

Price: $35.00
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Keane, John<br> A Musicians Guide to Pro Tools
Keane, John
A Musicians Guide to Pro Tools - P.O. Box 1186, Athens, GA 30603, US

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